January 10

Come to Me this morning with the burdens of the day.  Lay them at My feet.  I will cover you with a blanket of peace.

My peace is something more extravagant than what you find here on earth.  My peace is all encompassing, a total feeling that washes over you from the top of your head to the end of each toe.

My peace is like gently rocking waves on a lake, lapping at the sides of a boat.  It is like a small boat easily floating over the swells of an ocean.

But how do you experience this peace?  By recognizing Me as your Savior.  Accepting the gift of life because My Son died for you.  

Seems pretty easy, doesn’t it?  Yet, to many, it is not.  They reject the ultimate gift and harden their hearts towards Me.

Do not let Satan harden your heart.  Accept My gift, and the peace that passes all understanding will flood the gates of your soul as My presence enters in.

Daily lay your burdens at My feet so that your joy may be complete.


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