January 11

Have I not already accepted you as one of My own?  Why do I ask you to renew your life to Me daily, to say “I CHOOSE YOU”, over and over?

Beloved one, I chose you before the foundation of the world.  I knew you and loved you.  Yet there is an evil presence lurking about, looking to devour My own.

When you start the day by committing it to Me, I am able to surround you with a wall of protection.  Satan is kept at bay.

Repeat the words throughout the day when you feel weak, tempted or scared.  Call out My name.  You will immediately be surrounded by a heavenly host much more powerful than the evil one lurking about, desperately trying to get My chosen ones to falter.  He knows he only has a short time left and he is trying as hard as he can.

Rest safely in the security of My love and care for you.  Read over the promises in the Bible.  You never need fear, dear one, when you open the day saying, “I choose You!”, or just by calling out My Name.  

You are safely in My fold, dear one.

Now and forevermore.


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