January 16

Was I disappointed in you when you were thinking about your own accomplishments and your own worth?

I am saddened when I see your rejection of the simple life I offer you and when I watch you grasping for the things of this earth: the glitz, the noise, the attention.  

Yet, I put you there to see how you would react.  Are you ready to be part of the world again?  Or, do you feel a need to spend time with Me again?

I have put you here for a reason.  As My child, you are My emissary to bring My light and My love to others.  Were you ready to be back in the world or do you need to come apart awhile longer, steeping yourself in My love?

I need you, dear one.  You are one of My chosen soldiers.  Take whatever time you need to be fully charged again with the ammunitions of love and light.  Then, when you are ready, don My armor.

I will be with you wherever you are.  We have a work to do, beloved one.  Don’t let go of My hand.


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