January 23

I will not pass you by.  I will not forget you.  You are in My path.

My path leads to you, not by you.

You are in the road I am traveling on.

You are the reason I am traveling on the road.

Do not think you are mistakenly where you are.  I know exactly why you are there.  I am not a God of mistakes.

You have made mistakes which put you on a different, more difficult path than I would have chosen, but because you are Mine, all paths have led to Me.

Some times the path seems long and dark, but keep going.  I am not only at the end of the tunnel bathed in light and love, I am beside you through the darkest, most treacherous valleys.

Even though you get discouraged sometimes, I have you in My will.  Keep walking, beloved one.  I am ever beside you on your path, because

I love you so much, I will never let you walk alone.

Know it in your soul.


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