January 26

Every time you close your eyes and think of Me, I am there, in your presence, answering the yearnings of your soul.  The yearnings that only I am aware of.

I do not want you to be afraid of the future, to toss and turn, not knowing what to do.  I will guide you, beloved. Do not fear.

There is a way mapped out for you and it is the way I have chosen for you to go.

Remember, I am interested in forming your character, not making you comfortable.  What does that mean?  This world will not be all rose-covered paths with everything and everyone you want. It will be a path, sometimes long and narrow, that leads you closer to Me.  It’s only when you look away from Me that your road takes detours.

But you want the answers more clearly, you say?  The answer is there in front of you.  I will never let you down.  Just put one foot in front of the other.  Take My hand and trust that it’s securely in Mine, and that I am leading the way.

Come to Me often during the day.  I will show you the answers. 

                             I AM THE ANSWER.


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