January 28

Where is your faith, child?  Do you doubt Me or My promises when I so lovingly say over and over again how I will take care of you and answer your prayers?  

I do not have the problems of the economy you are facing.  I have the universe at My disposal.  Absolutely everything and anything is possible IF YOU BUT ASK. (you have not because you ask not…) Ask BELIEVING, and I will answer because I ALWAYS do.  Why do I have to tell you that over and over?

Sometimes I get impatient at your unbelief when My daily miracles surround you.  Large and small ones happen in your personal life every day.

I know what you need.  Ask, believing, and then thank Me for the answer, showing your faith.  Then you can rest peacefully as My carefree child who KNOWS they are so ardently loved and cared for.

Have faith, dear one.  Just ask. 


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