January 29

Oh, my troubled child.  There is so much on your mind this morning.  Things which should be laid at My feet and forgotten, knowing I will show you the way through each and every one of them.

Today, concentrate on My love.  The love that follows you, surrounds you and guides you.  How can I get through the hard shell you put around you?  

Why won’t you freely accept the greatest gift ever offered?

The shell you put up cripples you not only for happiness and peace here, but it inhibits your growth in Me.  Letting go, laying your pain, insecurity and unbelief down frees you to openness and peace with Me.  

I see you as a child ready to fly, and so willing if you could just lose the shell that holds you down!  Lay it at My feet and come fly with Me to the adventure I have planned for you.  


How I love and adore you, My child!!

Just take a step towards Me.  I will show you how.  Lay your shell at the cross.  True joy is waiting for you.


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