January 31

Oh, beloved child.  You come to Me with so many worries and concerns.  I have every one of them covered.  

You have not fallen yet.  I have not let you.  And I will not let you fall in the future, if you stay connected to Me.

All these specifics that you are so worried about are small in the context of the world.  Don’t let them overwhelm you.  Present them to Me and I will take care of them, all the time guiding and directing you.

That is your real need. You think you need so much, yet it is really just My guidance you need, so you know how to accomplish what you want.

I am there, ready to help you.  Always.

This relationship with Me, the benevolent and miraculous care I give you, is not “magic”.  It was paid for at the cross and has always been available to you, even when you were full of sin.  Since you accepted Christ into your life, I don’t see you as a sinner.  I see a hurting, wounded child covered with the grace of Christ’s love, so ready to be held and cared for.

Come to Me now, and let Me fill you with the assurance of My love and care for you.  Lay it all at My feet, dear one.  I am always there, now and forever more.


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