February 01

Surround yourself today with the absolute knowledge of My love and care for you.  Keep coming to Me and presenting your requests to Me.   Feel Me envelop you in My arms.  

One of My names is El Shaddai.  It means I gather you to My bosom with My arms wrapped tightly around you.  If you close your eyes and imagine it, the sense of My presence will grow more real to you.

One day you will actually be able to really see and feel the tightness of My embrace.  Now you must go on faith, a faith that is growing stronger the more time we spend together.  Treasure these stolen moments as much as I do, knowing that drawing closer to Me is the foundation of your faith, and the accomplishment of My plan for you.

Come once more and lay your head on the bosom of your El Shaddai.  Let Me fill your being with My peace and joy.


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