February 15

How bright the day starts out when you are with Me!  Your reaction to things that happen are so much easier for you.  

No problem is so big that together we cannot conquer it.

You are a conqueror, My hidden soldier, a lasting witness of My love.  And you just thought you had a regular day in front of you!

We have much to do together, dear one.  Much to do in My field.  Don’t let that statement overwhelm you.  I just need you to trust Me and let me guide you through it.

You won’t even know when most of what I do occurs.  

People are watching you and hearing you.  They can sense My Holy Spirit and My love through you.

We have a story to tell.  A story that will bring salvation, hope and love to a lost  generation.

Will you join Me today?  

Take My hand.  

Enjoy the journey.


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