February 22

As snow falls so tenderly from the heavens, so My love gently falls on you, caressing you with little drops of love notes to let you know you are cared for.

Oh, so gently they land on you and around you.  Little stimuli to encourage and guide you until you are totally surrounded and covered.  Do not shake off this wonderful cascade.  Let these little messages from Me absorb into your body.

Most of the world runs quickly and they don’t feel or hear Me.  If they could remove the dark glass in front of them and see My beloved ones as I do, they would see the snow flurries of love and guidance falling all over you, and then they would look at their plain, ungifted existence and want what you have.

The enemy sees it, beloved one.  He sees, and because of it, he knows you are set apart.  He may wreak havoc on the world, but he may never enter your “space” if you stay close to Me.

So, no matter what the temperature is outside, close your eyes and stand with your arms outstretched.  Feel My loving snowflakes falling on you and around you.  Just a little of the joy I share with you.


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