February 23

Ever since you first came to Me I have filled you with a longing for My presence.  My Holy Spirit has entered in and found a home in your soul.

Every day you say, “I choose You!”, He settles in to guide and direct you, prompting you to say or do things that are in My plan for your life.

He is My secret tool, the One everyone who comes to Me needs and receives.  He prepares the heart of the most hardened atheist and the greatest skeptic and moves them to wonder at My creation, to have guilt for their actions, and to seek Me in the crucified and risen Christ.

He is the beginning of salvation in a sinner’s heart;  My right hand.

You don’t need to know or study much about Him.  Just know He is there inside you when you ask for My presence and guidance.

The team of “Us” have got you covered, my beloved one.  You never need to fear.


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