February 27

I have an investment in you, such a huge investment in you.  One of time, love and sacrifice.

You are familiar with the Sacrifice, but not the pain and suffering behind it.  The pain you feel over losses, even the loss of a beloved child can not compare to ours.

Jesus was a sinless child Who chose to love even those who reviled Him, those who drove the nails into His hands, those who tore His flesh with whips with metal barbs at the end. He allowed the separation from Me during that time so that He could bear all the weight of the world’s sin on Him, the sinless One.  He knew there was no other way to conquer evil than for the sinless One to bear everyone else’s sin.

And I chose to let My precious Son, of whom I was so proud, endure it.  I had to separate Myself from Him in order to allow it to happen.  I could have destroyed the whole world at that moment,  but Our love for you and humanity was so intense that  I chose to allow My Child, My only begotten Son, to die so that one day you could live in a sinless perfect world where all sadness will be gone.

Yes, I have an investment in you.  One that I will always cherish and protect.  

Look for the nail scars.  Search for them.  They will always be there as a reminder of My investment in you.


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