March 01

How many times I have called you to Me!  How many times I have lovingly comforted you, yet you keep turning your back on Me.

Yes, you are here with Me now, but during the day, am I with you?  Do you think of Me?  Send up praises or requests to Me?

I want so much more from you, beloved one.  We have just begun our journey together,  the only journey worth taking in this life because it leads to Me and our eternal life together.

Keep your eyes focused on Me.  The journey will not be easy or painless, but it is ours, well planned out before the beginning of time.

It is important for you to realize how vital your role is to Me and how much you are needed.  Not only do I need your love, but others love and need who you are, too.

I have groomed you through all the hills and valley to be just who you are.  You may not understand the picture now, but one day all will become clear.

Stay connected to Me today, all day.  Think of Me.  Praise Me.  Send Me your requests.

The lover of your soul is longing to lead you on our journey together.  I have great things planned for you, dear one.  One step at a time.


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