March 04

When you take My hand through the crises you are facing, I am so close to you.  I am beside you in your decision-making process.

I know you are laden with fear.  To the world you seem strong, but I know My child inside and out.  

I long to have you turn it all over to Me to receive the peace only I can give, the peace I can freely bestow upon you.  This gift will bless you in so many ways.

Peace in a believer’s life encourages joy, and even strengthens the immune system to help with your health.

 This gift is free to you, but it was not free for Us.  It is only because of Jesus’ death on the cross that all this is made available to you.

Please accept Him, and through Him, Me, and the peace together We bring.  

Take My hand, dear one.

All is ok now.


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