March 09

Oh, how I long to put My arms around you and comfort you.  No matter how many times I reassure you of My love, when you go out into the world, the devil and his entourage barrage you at every turn.  Your thoughts turn away from Me and insecurity and depression sets in.

Am I really right beside you?  Will I really guide you like I say?  When you are in our private place, you have that assurance, but when you leave to face the world, you start to doubt.

Like any soldier who has fought a long battle and gets to come home to renew their strength, come back into My arms and I will strengthen you there.  All your fears will subside when you are at My side.

Oh, My dear one, it breaks My heart to have you keep doubting Me.  The price Jesus and I paid for our connection was too high to ever give up on you.

Come back now to our quiet place.  

I am there, waiting.


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