March 12

I am the Good Shepherd.  I lovingly guide you through paths of darkness and turmoil, never letting go of your hand.  You never need to be afraid.

Sometimes you stop and look down when you don’t understand or can’t see the end.  Don’t do that, My child.  Keep looking up, grasping tightly to My hand.  You have My promise.

My promise is not that you will live a happy, carefree life, but that I will always be with you, drawing you ever so close to Me through whatever the evil one throws at you, whether it is the loss of a loved one, the pain of rejection, fear of the future, or the pain of sickness.  I am with you through it all.  

I feel every single thing you are going through, and long to have you weep, together with Me, in My arms.  

Let Me shelter you now. In Me you will find true security, a shelter in the time of storm.

Hold My hand.  You can do it.  We will get through this. 

You and Me, Me and you.  Now and always.


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