March 14

Do you wonder at the upheaval of these times?  Surely My coming is nigh!

You are a creature of faith and love, and you don’t understand why horrors in the world happen.  Aren’t I a God of love?  How can I let this happen?

Times like these were foretold of in the Bible, “in the last days”.  This sinful world is quickly coming to an end, My child, and I need you to focus on the reality of our relationship.  

It is the only real thing that matters.

I have always had a plan for you.  You were in that plan before the beginning of the world.  It is a plan of love and salvation for all mankind.   It comes down to the strongest personal love between Me and each of My children that has ever been known.  

It is not a love that promises peace and happiness on this earth.  I do promise you everlasting peace and happiness in Heaven with Me, however. 

Focus on Me, My love.  Reach out for My hand.  Do not fear.  My coming is closer than you think. 


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