March 17

Everything that happens in your life is pre-ordained by Me.  I knew what you would do, how you would react, and what would be the result.

Many things happen because of your actions, many things happen because the devil wants to cause those I love pain, and many more things happen because I want to develop you into the person I have created you to be.

So do not be discouraged when everything around you seems to be falling apart, when you feel like you are falling apart.  I knew it was going to happen before time began.  Letting go and taking My hand is the best way to take care of it.

Putting years on your life by stressing over it all may seem the only way out, but it is not, My love.

I am the way out and the way through, your pain and depression.   I am ready for anything you throw My way.  I will catch you and hold you until you have no more tears, until I can stand you back up straight and strong, full of My wisdom and power.

Don’t resist.  Just bow your head and say, “I choose You, Lord.  Help me!”  

I am here now.


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