March 19

Oh, the mysteries of this life!  Mysteries so deep and rich only I can unfold them for you.  The “intelligent” and renowned scientists of your generation seek relentlessly for the answer but without Me, there is no answer.

I am at the beginning, middle and end of every scientific equation ever presented.  They think they are so smart, they have it all figured out……or not!

They are unaware of the simplicity of your beautiful faith, and the relationship we have because of it, allowing you to trust Me to receive the magnificent gifts I have given you.  The scientists want to discount My gifts of love, and figure out how time and evolution created things on their own.

You have accepted the wonderful, miraculous bodies and earth I made, My precious one.  One day you will see how it all unfolded so many years ago, and how it is still unfolding every day in the beauty of new life.

It doesn’t take mighty, brilliant minds.  It takes simple faith in Me.


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