March 28

Have you every wondered how long it will be before I come again?  Oh, I wish it were tomorrow!  I would love to have the pain and suffering on earth be over.  But many things have to happen first.

What I want you to focus on is how real I am in your life right now.  Yes, one day we will be face to face, arm in arm.  For now, our relationship is based on faith.  Faith that says you know I am with you.  Faith that says you know I love you, and faith that says you know we will be together forever one day.

Faith can be easy, as easy as a child who just believes and trusts.  Things get murky in this complicated world.  Don’t focus on the evil here.  Find a place of beauty that I created and spend time there talking to Me, recharging your faith.

You need the morning recharge with Me to have the strength to carry you through the day.  Take time for these precious moments with Me.  It is what you need today, dear one.  Our connection is the strength you need.


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