March 31

I want to tell you something, dear one.  My love for you stretches far beyond the boundaries of what you can understand.  It is all you will ever need in your entire life.  

You don’t need money, possessions or even a close loved one when you learn how to rely on Me.

The loneliness that you feel will melt away the deeper you allow our relationship to grow.  I know when you suffer loneliness, and it hurts Me.  I want you to have loved ones in your life, and a special loved one to spend time with.  But this may not be the right time.

I want to reach out and hold you to My chest until the suffering stops.  But I can only come as close as you let Me.

The peace and love I offer will ease your loneliness and you will enjoy spending more and more time with Me.  

Come, sit at My feet, and let Me tell you a story.

It’s all about Him.

And Me.

And you.


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