April 07

Feel My presence, My beloved child.  Let the light of My goodness pervade your soul.  Breathe in the sanity of My Holy Spirit.  

Now, face the day.

You are clothed with My power and light.  Nothing can touch you today.

Share My love with the hurting population around you, those who are frightened by world events happening quickly.  Let them know about the bright future you have waiting for you.  Let them know I see their suffering and I am the answer through it all.  

Satan would have this generation believe there is no hope, only pain and suffering.  He would have them discount the death and resurrection of My perfect Son as trivial nonsense, and not reality.  He would have them believe in Christ’s goodness as a person and the unity of world religions.  He knows the only way to Me is through Christ and he will do anything he can to have this generation turn away from the One Perfect Gift.

Tell them, dear one.  You are holding truth in your hand that will release souls from death into life and happiness.  Tell them there is one way to Me and the knowledge of Him will bring joy and love such as they have never felt in their lives.


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