April 08

The truth is a beacon of light to the world.  It is the story of salvation, so beautifully presented in the gospels of the Bible, and handed down through generations.   Since then, there are many more stories of shed blood and mighty conquerors carrying on the message.  It has covered the earth through missionaries and brothers and sisters in Christ, My mighty soldiers!

The U.S. was founded on principles of faith but now it is moving step by step to remove Me from schools, libraries, court houses, and even from the Constitution itself.  One day Americans will know the price it will have to pay to remove Me.  

You think of yourself as a simple child yet I envision you as a mighty warrior carrying My light to those around you.  You are part of a surging, moving tide that is crushing the evil forces that try to rise up against me.

One day you will know, dear one, all the lives you have touched just by sharing My love in simple ways.  Come and refresh yourself in your quiet place.  A whole world awaits My beacon of light, but for now, rest your head on My shoulder.  

For you have chosen Me.


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