April 09

The picture I gave you several days ago of Me carrying you was My gift to you, so you will know, now and always, how I love and care for you.  You may think the world is falling down around you, but I am right beside you, loving and caring for you.  

Remember your “thus far” rock?  The rock you found and put in your house so you could look at it whenever you were frightened and worried that the world was going to come crashing down around you?  The rock is a reminder that “thus far” I have carried you.  You are still standing, and “thus far” I will continue carrying you.

I will never let you down nor will I will ever let you go. The vision of Me carrying you when you think you can go no farther should always be able to be called to mind.  And when you feel so alone know that You are not, for I have picked you up and we are walking through the storm together.


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