April 15

Let not your heart be troubled.  You believe in Me.  You believe in My Son.  You believe in the Holy Spirit.  

In Heaven there is a  mansion which I have prepared for you.  Do you have a mansion here, or is it a simple home?  It makes no difference, for I have already prepared a lovely home just for you.

A home where you can freely come and go.  One where you can invite guests over to share stories of love and praise.  A home where health and happiness reigns.  A home you will leave in the morning to do the work I have prepared for you to do, work which you love because it involves all the talents and desires I have given you.  When you return in the evening, you will feel lighthearted and happy.

Six days you will work and on the seventh you will join all of heaven as we gather together and rejoice finally that sin, pain, evil and sorrow is gone forever and ever and only joy and peace and love remain.

Your voices will rise in joyous union praising Me.  How blest that day will be!  All My beloved ones will be together at last!!

I can hardly wait, dear one!  Live life as if this day is just around the corner.  Live life preparing for your big house on the hill: the house of love, laughter and praise that I have built for you already.

That where I am, there you may be also!


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