April 20

Are you in great despair, beloved one?  Do you feel like there is no answer for what you are going through?  That there is no way out……no future?

Oh, My love, there is.  I created you, and when I did,  I made a plan for your life.  There is no need to despair.  These feelings you have are temporary. This, too, will pass.  You must believe that.  

You will rise again with joy in the morning.

Never give up.  I will guide you through this.  Your pain seems unbearable at times.  Reach out your hand and let Me take it in Mine.  Mine is warm and loving. There is no pain that together we cannot overcome.  No horror in your past that we cannot pass through.  Take one step at a time towards the light I have prepared for you here.

You may never know true love and acceptance on this earth, but you know Me and I know you.  There is no greater love on earth than what I have for you. I gave My Son to die for you.  No greater love can ever be shown.

What you can’t see, I ask you to feel.  Feel the comfort of My presence and My continual guidance in your life.  Let Me hold you in My arms until your pain stops.  

Never give up fighting for the breakthrough of joy.  Never give up on Me,  for I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU, and on trying to show you My love.


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