April 21

Oh, My child!  What a special day this is!!  The day the earth celebrates Jesus’ rising from the dead. No joy can ever compare to the joy of that morning.  Not only did He rise to be joined again with Me, He rose so that you could live eternally with Us.  Forever and ever.  There will never be a separation between us again because of His ultimate sacrifice.  

And such outrageous joy when He rose up in that tomb!  My Son, alive forevermore, after completing His chosen life on earth.  Jesus knew there was to be a sacrifice to pay for and to end all sin, and He knew it had to be Him. He was anxious to complete it because He loved you so much.  

Forever let the Heavens ring on this most joyous of days.  Let the earth praise Him from every corner!!  The Savior, your Savior, has completed His mission of love and sacrifice, and He is risen.  He is risen indeed!!  Hallelujah!  

You and I will never have to be separated again because of this.  And one day we will see each other face to face…because of this special day!  This glorious day!!

My beloved Son is risen indeed!!!  Love Him.  Serve Him.  Honor Him.  

It all started on this wonderful day so long ago.  


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