April 22

You are My chosen child, so precious in My sight.  I have gone to Heaven to prepare a place for you to come and be with Me forever.

But now you are feeling alone, dear one. You are not now, or ever, alone.  I am always with you.

Are you afraid?  Do not be afraid of anything.  Everything you are facing I knew about before time began.  And I have armed you with the strength and ability to not only face it, but to conquer it beautifully.

I have trained you for this moment, for this adventure.  You are well armed with Me and a host of angels at your side.  Try to envision us walking with you everywhere you go.  Only, don’t worry about holding the door open for us.  We don’t face those challenges!

Be assured that the child of the King will never walk in alone!  You are a conqueror because you chose Me, and because you choose Me everyday!


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