April 26

Your heart is breaking today, and you can’t see the love I wish to consume you with.  Can’t I make the pain go away?

Let this time of pain be one where you and I draw closer together, where your feelings for Me, your need of Me, runs long and deep, filling up a chasm of darkness with love.  Let Me comfort you through the emptiness and fear you are experiencing.  

How much do I love you?  Oh, My dear, it cannot be measured or explained in your words, or in any words.  We are on a never-ending trip together to discover that love.

You are in My love.  You were created out of love, you were created for love, for Me Who is love.

Lie down and let Me float you through quiet waters of love and peace.  

You are here with Me now.  Relax, close your eyes and let Me guide you.  The water is rocking you gently on each side, but you are in peace.  And love.  

You are not feeling the fear or pain now, just peace in knowing that you are loved so much.  I will not let you sink.  Rest completely in My arms and you will float more freely.

For right now, that is how to say I love you.  You will feel it when you learn to trust Me and to relax in My arms. 



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