April 28

My child is forever young to Me, forever free and wild.  I see you running down a hill with the wind in your hair, freely taking in exuberant joy.

Is that vision of your life here on earth?  No.  And in fact, you may not even be able to imagine it. There is loss, hardship and pain all around you.  But freedom and unabandoned joy is your future.

For now, stay in My presence. Draw near to Me.  I am your Strength.  I am your Guide.  With Me all things will become clear.

You don’t understand the pain you or others must go through.  And sometimes you cry out wondering where I am.  I am with you, My love.  Through the hardest of times, I have never left your side.  You are still here, standing, in communion with Me.

Remember your “thus far” rock, the rock I asked you to find and keep close to you so that when you look at it, it would be a remembrance that I have brought you this far, and that you are still standing and that I will never leave you.

Hold on to that knowledge and don’t let go, because I will never let you go. 


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