May 01

Your soul is stilled.   You receive peace.   There is quietness in your soul.

The peace and joy I give you can never be compared to any other thing.  A peace in your soul that knows, really knows, where you came from, and knows, really knows, where you are going.  The stuff of daily life in the middle is where you experience the pain, and sorrow that each of you must bear.  Keep your focus on Me and experience total calmness in your soul in the midst of the world.  

This world is not your home.  I am your home.  Only through Me can true joy be attained.  Unbelievers cannot understand.  Only when they are ready and I send them the Holy Spirit, will they begin to think about it.  

Every step taken with Me is a foundation for the next one.  Just take one small step at a time.  I will not ask you to take overwhelming strides.  

You will have peace in your soul through the best of times and the worst of times because 

You have chosen Me, and I have chosen you.


One thought on “May 01

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Today’s message really touched my soul. It summarizes the Christian life, and blessings of peace and assurance given despite living in an evil environment.

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