May 02

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!! The words in that hymn are very powerful.   They say so much about the plan of salvation, something that can never be earned.  It makes Christ’s death on the cross even stronger because you begin to understand how much of a gift it was.

There were not many people on earth at that time who were sorry to see Him die.  He did not step into death to save the life of someone else who was to die that day.  No, Jesus gave Himself to die for those who flogged Him. 

And I, I allowed it to happen. Sorrow and darkness that you can never comprehend filled Heaven.  I had to turn away as My Son took his last breath.  When it was over, I tore the curtain in the sanctuary forever signifying that His death was not in vain.  

His death was life!  And Light!  And love far greater than any other. 

Come now and let it fill your soul

A gift, available to all who would just accept His sacrifice, who would say, “I choose You, Lord Jesus, “I choose You!”

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

How precious, how true


One thought on “May 02

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Truth and beauty in those words! I am so eager to thank God in person when in heaven for His grace, love, and mercy. ♥️

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