May 07

True humility is true beauty.  A humble heart is like medicine to your soul.  Those who rush around importantly have no real connection to Me because the connection comes from the heart of love and brokenness poured out to Me.  Then I will come and comfort them and they shall know Me and know My ways.

Do not let the worries of this world overwhelm you.  They are there to bring you to Me.  True humility is not just an attribute. It  emanates from the depth of your soul.  It comes when you truly understand the plan of salvation and the extreme love We had for you to allow Christ to die on the cross when you were still a sinner.

True humility towards Us, yet a quiet pride that you are the child of the King of the universe. That you were found worthy, not by your goodness or works, but because you were covered by the blood of Christ, to come into the family of believers.  Not as a newcomer, but as one who was chosen and planned for since the beginning of time.

Humility for this incredible gift to an unworthy recipient. And just plain outrageous joy at being part of the family!!


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