May 09

Wherever you are, I am there.  If you are in the midst of enemy warfare, I am beside you.  If you are in the depths of despair, I am there.  If your pain is so intense you cry for mercy, and for Me, I am there.  Now, always and forever.

If you are sitting in a busy meeting, or walking outside on a nature trail, I am beside you.  Your greatest fear is the lonely life of an outsider.  You are never outside, My love.  You are on the inside of Me, with your love and with your heart.  

I am in you and you are in Me, a part of Me.  You have my heart.  

If it were possible for your earthly father to be with you, he could never gain the access I have.   In you, around you, and shining through you to others, for you are Mine.  

I am so proud  of you and what you have become, and what you WILL become.


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