May 10

Difficult times like these require a tough stance.  I created you to be a strong soldier for Me in the face of whatever the world throws at you.  

You do not stand alone, for a host of armies stands beside you, behind you and in front of you as you face the increasingly unsettled world.

Never be frightened, for no one can ever take real life away from you.  If you have chosen Me, and accepted Christ’s death on the cross, you may receive eternal life.  

Real life.

Your forever life.

When you consider your future with Me, what on this earth could ever make you afraid?  Death?  No, for that leads to eternal life.  The situations you come up against here are challenging but if you could only see the host of armies that minister to you and come to your aid instantly in response to your prayers to Me, you would not fear.

Remember that I will make ALL things work out together for good to those who love Me.

So stand strong, My soldier!! You are Mine and I am yours.  Together we can face and overcome any challenge!


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