May 11

I want to be with you forever.

But the real “forever” is a concept you cannot yet comprehend.  For as long as eternity, I wish to see you, be with you, walk with you, and to speak with you.

My love for you will never diminish.  Come and take My hand.  Walk with me through the portals of time and space and just spend time with Me.  My heart yearns for it, for you are the beloved child who I created for Me. 

I placed every eyelash over your eyes.  I made you a heart to beat with life and love.  I gave you strong legs to walk on to bear My gospel message and I gave you a soul to seek after Me.  

Are you listening to your soul?  For I am calling.

Can you hear the whisperings of My heart towards you?

Every since you were young I have guided and protected you, waiting to draw you into a deeper relationship with Me.  That time is here and now, My child.  Take this moment to reach out and take My hand, saying “I choose You!”.  

Remain in Me and I in you.

Find your joy, our joy…true joy.


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