May 13

Are you excited about the new life you are facing?  Do not be afraid.  Walk into the unknown with Me at your side.  You will be forever blessed.

Do you seek wisdom for this future?  I have promised it, if only you ask.

Do you seek security for this future?  The security I have promised is an everlasting one: heavenly security that I have promised to those who love Me.  Earthly security would do you no good right now.  I need you to lean on Me, to depend on Me for every breath of your life.

Seek Me.  Seek wisdom and purity.  I am found in the still small voice in your soul.  It is the stuff legends are made of, yet you have it available to you at the tip of your fingers.  

Take Me and all I offer to guide and protect you into this new life you are about to start.  

Let it be a new life about Me.

You will never go wrong!


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