May 16

Follow Me up to the stars.

Follow Me up to the moon.

Reach as far into your dreams as you can to envision a life lived fully with Me.  A life of joy, without pain.  A life of peace without war.  A life of love without hate. 

Is it there?  Is it possible?

Yes, My beloved, it is.  One day we will walk hand in hand together in perfect peace and contentment.  One day we will look upon the stars and count their numbers.  One day mankind will face each other with love and compliance.

But for now, face your fears with faith in Me.  Faith in the knowledge that there will be a world of love and light.  That there will be joy again.  

Toss your cares to the ground, laugh in the midst of your sorrow.  There will be joy, true, forever JOY!  

Where does it come from?  How can you really know?  Reach into your heart, for I have put that knowledge there. I formed you from the dust of the earth.  I made you to see Me when you see My created things: the birds, the mountains, the valleys, the oceans.  

You know, dear one.  You really, really know.

Just reach into your heart and believe.  I am there.  Now and always.  Never farther away than a thought or a prayer. 


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