May 18

Where do you start?  You start with Me.  Everything starts with Me.  

From the beginning of creation and before I am, I was, and I will continue to be forever.

And I never waiver.  I was the same then as I am now.

I am love so intense you cannot behold My real presence. What I am presenting to you is but a shadow of Who I am.

I am the north, the south, the east, the west.  There is nowhere you can go that I will not be found.  Your world is finite and it is hard to understand that concept, but one day you will see all, and understand all.  When you see Me face to face you will feel love so intense your whole body will be transformed into light.

So where do you start?  With Me.  Now and always. 

I am your forever.

Just take one step towards Me.  Just a baby step of faith.  I will do the rest.


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