May 20

Let today carry with it the joy of your salvation.  In moments of thought, of conversation, come back to our relationship and the price that was paid for it.   Never forget that it did not come free. There is nothing more precious to Me.

Come and lay your head on My shoulder and let Me tell you stories of long ago; stories that will inspire you to live strong with courage and fortitude; stories found in the scriptures of David, of Moses, of Rahab, of  Mary.  The Bible is full of real-life stories of pure, raw adventure.

Your salvation is not dependent on knowing those stories.  Your salvation is dependent on one thing: Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.

 But reading these stories will inspire you to walk similar lives of valor, all made possible because they had a relationship with Me.  I guided and encouraged them, just as I do you, every moment of every day.

Take joy in that knowledge and join Me in the great adventure of being one with Me.


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