May 22

I am here with you now.  

Believe Me.  

Trust Me.

Reach out to touch Me every moment that you think of Me.  I am here with you always.

You will receive all you need today and every day.

Practice My presence.  You will find so much comfort in KNOWING, not just trying to imagine or trust Me, but KNOWING I am beside you, walking with you, helping you in the everyday decisions of life.

Please don’t let go of My hand.   It is there for you always.

My love is something you will not understand until you get to Heaven.  I AM LOVE.  I don’t feel  love, I AM LOVE.  And My love for you is more extreme than you can even imagine.  

Run in the glory of it, full speed ahead, into the vast unknown of the world, full of joy in My promises.  Never fearful.  My right hand will be ever before you and around you.  

“Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world!”

Trust in My love and My promises.


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