May 23

I long to hold you and comfort you.  Your need of Me is what I want to know and hear.  

I am with you today.  I am with you tomorrow.  I am with you always.  

But take one step at a time.  You are worried about so much.  Take today and deal with it today.   Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.  Be assured that I will be there to guide and comfort you every step of the way.

Trust in Me.  Lean into My arms and let go.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself floating.  I am holding you up.  You are totally in My care.  Just let go, and I will take care of you.

Face the day with joy.  The joy of My salvation.  The joy of My love.  The joy of communion with Me.  How beloved you are to Me!

Now, go and have joy.  The day is Mine to worry about!


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