May 24

You are scared and discouraged now.  I can feel it.  Don’t give up.  I have an answer for you.  Just wait, and trust in Me.  

I long to give you the answers for the future that you so desire, but it is not in My plan to have that happen.  You have to trust Me in that.  Knowing would ruin everything for you. You would trust in the knowledge of the future, not in Me.

Yesterday I told you to lean back and let go, like you are floating, and I will catch you.  Do it today again.  Close your eyes.  Think of Me.  Imagine Me next to you, holding your hand.  I will guide your every move today, if you accept it.  

Are you ready?  Close your eyes.  Imagine it.  Reach out and touch Me.  I am with My beloved child.  You will only understand this love when you get to Heaven to see Me face to face.

Until then, just float.


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