May 25

These problems you have are requiring your close presence with Me.  Reach out your hand and I will take it and walk with you through them.                           

I am a God of love.

Such love you will never understand until I hold you securely in My presence.  Every moment of the day think of Me, and I will guide you through all your decisions and problems.  You have a ready helper in Me that you just need to call out for, because I am ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE.

Face today with the challenges that it brings, with joy and love and anticipation of the future that I have planned for you.  Encourage each other with words of praise.  Never forget to take time to tell someone you love or care for them.  

    Others can feel and sense My presence in you.

What joy we will share when you stand face to face with Me!  This life, with all it’s problems will be over, and we can rejoice in a future together.

Slip your hand into Mine now and let’s walk through the day.


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