May 26

You are feeling My joy today.  Bask in it.  It is My greatest longing to be close to you and to give you My joy and peace.

Let it surround you today as you go about your daily activities.  Let My presence permeate your very soul.  


Now, always and forever.

Today, I want you to grow more in the knowledge of Me.  Study My Word.  Keep your favorite verses near you and check on them often.  This is how I communicate and reassure you.

Study My Word in depth to unlock the deep horizons of My love.  You know I love and care for you, but go deeper.  

Grow in Me.

Then our relationship will go to the next level.

There is no level to My love, just a stronger sense of My presence.

I am with you now and always.  Breathe a deep breath and let it out slowly knowing I will always watch over you.  

Go to the next level with Me.


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