May 27

Thank you for giving everything up to Me.  I am ready to catch you and help you float, trusting in Me.  

Today is a new day.  Face it with courage, optimism and joy, that word I always give you, joy.  Let it permeate your soul with the knowledge of My love and care for you.

Each step you take today I will be with you, to guide you.  Please take time to think about Me.  I am never more than a whisper away.  

Shhh.  Listen to the sound of spring outside your window.  Do you hear birds?  They are calling out My name in praise.  I love and care for them, too.  I feed and clothe them, and they trust Me.  Why can’t you be like them?  

Just KNOW, that I will always be there to face whatever challenges this life brings.  And there are many things ahead of you I wish you wouldn’t have to go through.  But I am there to catch you.  I will never let you go alone.

Just grab My hand and walk with Me across the sand.  It can be that real…..if you let it.


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