June 10

So many times in this life, My people lose sight of the vision I have given them.  Whether from fear or problems, they give up too easily.  Keep striving towards the goal I have given you.  You know what that goal is, from the bottom of your heart.  Don’t give it up.  Let Me hold your hand, keeping you focused and balanced as we accomplish the mission.  Look neither to the right or to the left.  Look only to Me, the source of your strength and your salvation.

Today is a new day with new opportunities I will place in front of you.  Don’t be weak, for I have armed you with strong armor if you would just put it on!

How we will rejoice over this time when we see each other face to face!  Keep going, dear one.  Your Beloved is close beside you now.  I WILL NOT LET YOU FALL.


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