June 11

I am the God of miracles in your life. Miracles that will be used to bless others, to touch their lives so they will know of My great love for them. And miracles for you, dear one. Expect them today, knowing I will be there to provide and care for you. 

Just letting go and trusting Me is a gift from Me to you. It may seem hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

Believe, dear one, that I am with you, for I am. I am beside you, waiting for you to reach out your hand to Me. 

Take it now, for you will never feel such love. Close your eyes and reach out and touch Me. I am with you now. Your fears will fade when you realize and envision My presence with you. 

Let’s start the day together now. Expect a miracle!


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