June 14

You feel like you have strayed away from Me because you have not been spending deep time with Me.  You have been praying, but not taking the time to really come apart and “listen” to My still small voice in your soul.

It is not “straying”, because you are My child, but our relationship suffers when you talk to Me but don’t take the time to listen.

Listen to Me, beloved one.  I have My arms around you and I am whispering in your ear.  You are missing so much!  What I want to share with you is the joy I feel at having you as My child.  

Let Me infuse your soul with laughter!

Make the decision every morning, and during the worst of times to say “I choose You!”, then carve out some time to come apart with Me to listen and learn.  

The peace inside your soul will be your sign that My presence is strongly with you.

Don’t let the world and it’s busyness cause you to stray.  You are Mine and I am yours.  

Come see what that means!


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